Meet our artists: Marcos Navarro

Meet our artists: Marcos Navarro

How would you describe your artistic style?

I like to cover a type of pictorial records, with which I feel comfortable working both digitally and with traditional tools.

On the other hand, I see color as a kind of conversation between its own tones and ranges, it changes its status according to its combination. Game with the superimposition of complementary elements, giving that complementary function to the own color. Still, if there is something I try, is that the style does not exceed the feeling or message I want to convey. And even though I (or anyone) look for my own style or direction, it is at the moment of working when things come up, and the paths to be chosen are formed. Working.

What artists do you admire?

I have been very obsessed with Matisse's cuts. Now I am seeing myself very influenced by the work of Escher and his repetitions. But I work it my way. Also, I love Bosch's work. At a more graphic and ornamental level, the work of William Morris and his defense by the Arts and Crafts.

A book?

Barbarian days

A museum that inspires you?

The Natural History Museum of London, it's amazing to see all those animals, bones, plants and ecosystems live. I recommend going with paper and pencils.

What do the jobs available in Atelier des Jeunes represent for you?

I think a good selection of artists is made, since they are not limited to having the work of the most recognized artists worldwide, but they are looking for quality, emerging artists. What makes it even more interesting, helps us discover new work, carefully selected from Atelier des Jeunes.

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