Meet our artisas: MRKA

Meet our artisas: MRKA

How would you describe your artistic style?

Marakil (invented adjective referring to "de Maraka"). The style depends on the content, each of my series is totally different.

What artists do you admire?

Nkone, Gon Hergueta, Enrique Diaz-Rato, Cecile Garcia, Moral, Laura Cartagena, Roumes, Fernando & Pablo Manso, Diego Guzman, Felipe Pantone, Selina Miles, Alex Contell to name a few.

A book?

 American ABCD of Paripé Books.

A museum that inspires you?

National Air & Space Museum, in Washington D.C.

What do the jobs available in Atelier des Jeunes represent for you?

The works available in Atelier Des Jeunes are very special for me and they are all original (1 of 1). It is a series drawn entirely with the left hand after a tendinitis in the right hand. After several years more focused on digital works, Nkone gave me a wax and after that and tendinitis, was born this series entitled Akaram (Maraka upside down).

These works represent significant objects for me and scenes of me day by day.

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