Born in the eighties and nineties, the artists of Atelier des Jeunes have a personal and non-transferable view of everything that happens around them or in their inner world. No two artists are the same. Each of the 33 names that make up this fresco of youth that in just a few years are part of what we call Spanish contemporary art. With a promising future, these young people in their twenties.

Atelier des Jeunes is, therefore, the reflection of a generation that is the present and future of Spanish artistic creation. With different techniques and formats, these illustrators, multimedia artists, fashion photographers, storytellers, graphic designers, creatives, art directors, and architects, above all, create.

Atelier des Jeunes also offers access to works of great artists, national and international, through its other sections: Special Guests, Invited Artists, Foreign Talents, Curated by and Masters of photography.

All works are exhibited for a limited time, since they are constantly renewed, providing public access to a wider range of works and artists.